Practice Support

Documentation Support
and Feedback

Time and again, we’ve helped our clients increase their revenue by helping them to improve their medical record documentation. Here are a few ways we do this:


We analyze our clients medical records each month to identify instances where providers failed to properly document a service or procedure performed. We then compile and report this data to our groups to help them optimize reimbursement.

Physician Webinars

In coordination with a nationally-renowned speaker on emergency department coding, we have developed and made available to our clients, a library of online video tutorials designed to help our busy emergency physicians produce more defensible, and accurate medical record documentation.

In-Person Training

We conduct on-site educational training seminars for our groups in an effort to keep the physicians current on the ever-changing guidelines governing ED documentation.

and Whitepapers

We distribute e-newsletters and whitepapers to our clients that identify important news affecting emergency department billing, coding and reimbursement.

Practice Reporting
& Management

We understand that timely, relevant financial information is absolutely essential to the success of an ED medical practice. Our unrivaled expertise in financial analysis, reporting and business management enables us to interpret results, look for trends and identify opportunities for practice growth. If it can be quantified, we can report it to you, and in a manner that is clear, concise and readily understandable. Accountability is of paramount importance to us. Here are just a few ways we make ourselves accountable to our clients and their needs:


We meet with clients in person on a monthly basis to review financial results. These meetings also serve as a valuable forum to discuss our client’s business challenges with a focus on developing workable solutions.

Detailed Report

We produce detailed monthly report packages presenting in-depth, material data via a simple, easy-to-follow presentation all aimed at keeping our client’s finger on the pulse of it’s practice, as well as helping them spot opportunities for improving their bottom-line.

Ad Hoc

Got some data you’d like to review that you don’t see in your standard monthly report? Your expert analysis is only a phone call or e-mail away. We make it a priority to cater to the individualized needs of each of our clients, and we can report to you any data we capture.

Managed Care
Contracting Support

Having reviewed and analyzed hundreds of managed care agreements, our team of expert business professionals helps our clients implement optimal managed care arrangements.

Fee Schedule

On an annual basis, we conduct comprehensive reviews of fee schedules to ensure that the fee schedule is proper based on market conditions.