Accounts Receivable

Payment Processing

Our experienced Payment Processing team stands ready to interpret and respond to the limitless idiosyncrasies associated with each commercial and governmental payor. We have also developed an in-house lock-box process that provides clients with the same lock-box service offered by major banking institutions, but at zero cost to our clients. 

80-90% of revenue posted electronically, facilitating prompt payment 

Daily cash reconciliation

to the penny

Online payment portal

Direct access to director or account representatives for expedient and effective communication

Ensure contract payment terms are followed

Experts at in-network and
out-of-network payment processing

A/R Follow-Up Department

Our experts can devise effective solutions to eliminate payment delays so you can be paid quickly. Cutting edge claims tracking and management software empowers our A/R team to efficiently collect outstanding balances. Our proprietary patient calling program, known as our “QuickPay™ System” enables us to make outbound, HIPAA-compliant phone calls to patients with outstanding balances and sophisticated “Pay/No Pay” technology rapidly identifies and helps us eliminate unique payment delays. Our A/R Department also responds to claim rejections on a daily basis.