The Mediserv model is built around well-defined, cutting-edge processes designed to eliminate errors and maximize results.

  • Electronically receive charts and demographic information from hospitals

  • Web-based portal for insurance updates

  • Regular demographic updates from the hospital 

  • Insurance eligibility verification 

  • Claims billing performed on a daily basis 

  • Customized statements and letters, tailored to your specific practice 

  • Daily reconciliation of hospital patient logs to records received to immediately locate missing charts 


We achieve 100% successful provider credentialing by being thorough, persistent and maintaining an unparalleled level of expertise in navigating the labyrinth of state and federal regulatory infrastructures currently overseeing provider enrollment.

and Secure

We employ the most advanced credentialing software available today to make the usually cumbersome process of provider enrollment for groups secure, accurate and simple. For example, our clients and their providers can remotely access our credentialing platform to submit or update their credentialing data. This eliminates much of the administrative burdens that practice managers and doctors otherwise often encounter when trying to round up and submit information to credentialing professionals. We can even import a practice’s entire credentialing database directly into our system via our state-of-the-art data transfer channel.


A payor’s mishandling of a provider’s application can cause serious and completely unnecessary delay the payment of reimbursement for a group. Our seasoned credentialing experts follow up on all pending enrollments and revalidations daily, to make sure payors process our applications quickly.


Successful reimbursement is largely driven by legal compliance. Our clients take comfort in knowing that their billing and coding operations are managed by an experienced team of legal and compliance professionals with years of experience in all facets of emergency department revenue cycle management. When it comes time to defend a client’s practice from government or commercial reviews, our clients can rest assured that they have the best compliance expertise anywhere fighting for their practices.

In-House Legal Staff

Our Chief Compliance Officer is a licensed healthcare attorney specializing in health care compliance, legislative affairs, provider enrollment, network participation and business law.

Vigorous Auditing

We perform numerous operational and performance audits each month in order to confirm that our teams are producing consistent, top-quality work.

Staff Educational

We employ internal and external data security experts to ensure the viability of protected data.

Data Security

We employ internal and external data security experts to ensure the viability of protected data.